Audi Sport UK Press Release 09/09/1982

Audi Sport UK Press Release 09/09/1982

Audi Sport UK Press Release from 09/09/1982 prior to the final round of the 1982 British Open Rally Championship.

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Hannu Mikkola 1982 Scottish Rally Audi Quattro
Hannu Mikkola 1982 Scottish Rally


Just six points separate Audi and Opel in the British Open Rally Championship, setting the stage for a dramatic final round in the Isle of Man from September 16 – 18.

It is made all the more exciting for the driver of the British-based Audi Quattro team, Hannu Mikkola, who is but a single point behind the Drivers’ Championship leader and fellow Finn, Henri Toivonen.

For the first time outside Audi Sport’s official factory team, an independent Quattro rally car will be running with the latest 350bhp alloy engine, the British-based car having been fitted with one by David Sutton Motorsport prior to the Manx.

Hannu and the four-wheel drive Audi Quattro have one tough target to meet, and that is to finish at the front. In order to clinch both manufacturers’ and drivers’ championships, he must bring his unique mount home in the top three ahead of an Opel, and preferably in first place.

With four rounds behind them the competitors’ ranks are swelled for the final round, as the Manx also carries points for the European Rally Championship.

Mikkola has won two rounds – the Mintex and the Scottish – and finished sixth on the Circuit of Ireland after a chapter of problems. He missed the Welsh as it clashed with a priority World Championship event, and Swede’ Bjorn Waldegaard took his place to steer the Quattro to its 3rd win in the series.

Defending champion, Jimmy McRae, also in an Opel, is four points behind Hannu in the series.  The situation now is as follows:


Audi 51

Opel 45

Ford 28

Vauxhall 26


Henri Toivonen .      36

Hannu Mikkola        35

Jimmy McRae          32

Russell Brookes      22

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The Manx was ultimately won by Jimmy McRae giving him the British Championship win.

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