I am a once regular but now only occasional motorsports competitor and also work as a motorsport instructor.

I love rallying in pretty much all of its forms as well as historic touring car racing, particularly the Group A era.

As time and finances limit real world motorsport exposure I am spending my spare time creating liveries for Gran Turismo on the PS5 and aiming to also create for Dirt series and Project Cars series models on the PC.

I am also starting to experiment with 3DS Max and Unreal engine to create 3D models, scenes and work towards producing some racing game materials.

Currently also aiming to finish my Mk2 Escort near standard road car, hopefully start on my Mk1 and turn it into something a bit more fun and lively and also slowly collecting parts with the intention of building a Nova to go historic rallying in.


Tim · November 19, 2022 at 10:30 pm

Hi, I found a great write up on your website about rear axle location on a mk1 escort. I see it is section 5. Are the other sections available please? I can’t find any other mk1/2 info on there.

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