Audi Sport UK Press Release 23/02/1982

Audi Sport UK Press Release 23/02/1982

Audi Sport UK Press Release from 23/02/1982 announcing the decision to use Pirelli tyres and outlining some of the history of Pirelli tyres in rallying. 

All rights to the content belong to Audi, I am merely posting the information for historical purposes – Double G.

1982 Hannu Mikkola British Open Rally Championship Audi Quattro
1982 Hannu Mikkola Audi Quattro



For this year’s assault on the RAC Open Championship, Hannu Mikkola has chosen to run on Pirelli tyres, following their outstanding performance throughout last year’s World Rally Driver’s Championship won by Ari Vatenen in the Ford Escort – a car design dating back 13 years.

Driving the four-wheel drive, turbo-charged Audi Quattro – a factory backed, David Sutton prepared car – Hannu will be benefiting from the lessons Pirelli has learned from providing tyres for 9 World Rally Champions between 1972-1981, and both World Rally driver’ s Championships in 1980 and 1981.

By comparing and refining the lessons learned from rally experience with those inputs now available from Formula One experience, Pirelli is totally confident that they can continue to expand the Company’ s winning record in rally competition.

Available to Hannu will be a selection of Pirelli P7 M + S tyres which are ideal for loose surfaces. Also, Pirelli will have available the latest P7 SG 35 tyres for hard surfaces and ice together with three types of the Company’ s famous Tarmac tyres, in intermediate and rain patterns together with a thermal type ‘slick’ – a combination of tyre construction and compounds which made a major contribution to Ari Vatenen’ s World Rally Driver’s Championship performance in 1981.

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