Audi Sport UK Press Release 18/02/1982

Audi Sport UK Press Release 18/02/1982

Audi Sport UK Press Release from 18/02/1982 with information about the first year of the Audi Quattro in competition and it’s development history. 

All rights to the content belong to Audi, I am merely posting the information for historical purposes – Double G.

Audi Sport UK Quattro 1982
Audi Quattro preparation in the David Sutton workshops.



In its first year of international rallying, the Audi Quattro has already become the car to beat. It has led just about every rally entered and is widely regarded as the first of a new generation of competition cars.

The Audi Quattro is no rally special though. The advanced technology four wheel drive system and turbocharged five cylinder engine have everyday advantages and a place in Audi’ s road car line up.

In competition, the concept has decisive advantages. With rally cars now producing in excess of 300bhp (the 2. 2 litre turbocharged Quattro engine has 330bhp), getting that power onto the road becomes an increasingly difficult task.

Although four wheel drive has been tried and dismissed by other manufacturers, the Quattro clearly illustrates that Aud i’s application works most effectively. With a top speed of about 1 60 mph and 0-1 00 mph acceleration in just 1 3 seconds, there is no rival to its claim to be the fastest rally car.

Four wheel drive also becomes a massive advantage on slippery surfaces, and as most major rallies encounter such conditions, it gives the Quattro a real plus.   Weight might be considered a disadvantage, but all in the Quattro compares favourably with its competitors.

Although the Audi engineers were certain that they had discovered real potential it took Hannu Mikkola to demonstrate how great that potential might be.

In October 1 979, somewhere between the Audi factory at Ingolstadt and Nuremburg, the Finnish rally ace pulled off the main road onto a rough cross country track. There followed some extremely hard testing, which took less than half an hour.

It was enough for Hannu to confirm that Audi has opened a new chapter in rallying.

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