GTA V DTM Singen Alemannenring


Header Description

DTM Singen-Alemannenring  track first published shortly after the Cunning Stunts update.

Loosely based on the layout of the old DTM track in the city of Singen.

Obviously due to using the city of Los Santos it’s a representation taking in the essence of the track rather than a proper replica.

Features a pit lane which includes repair pickups in GTA mode.

Relatively tight circuit especially the chicane outside the Police Station.

Header Track Details

GTA Race Type: Stunt

Player Limit: 30

Track Length: 0.98 miles

Track Type: Stunt Race – Built on GTA V Map

Weather: Current (weather will match current GTA in Game Weather)

Header Allowed Vehicles

All Classes except cycles.

MTL Dune in the off road class and Maibatsu Mule in the vans class are disabled as they are too tall to complete the lap.

Header Version History

V2.0 – 23rd December 2020

  • Added Open Wheel class.
  • Final hairpin section updated to remove old concrete barriers with fresh barriers and fences (preventing issue where cars having in previous corner could clear barrier and hit cars going the opposite way).
  • Added default vehicles for update/add on vehicles when only using unmodified vehicles.

V1.xx – 2017 to 2019

Original Job published shortly after Cunning Stunts update and minor tweaks to tidy.

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