1989 British Touring Car Championship

GT Sport 1989 BTCC Group A Replicas based on cars used in the 1989 Esso British Touring Car Championship.

Just the M3s available at this stage as it’s the only Group A era car we have available for this year. To view the main page for each car click on the thumbnail image.

#30 Alan Minshaw/James Kaye/Barrie Williams

Team: Demon Tweeks

#31 John Clark

Team: John Macguire Racing

#32 James Weaver

Team: BMW Team Finance

#33 Frank Sytner

Team: BMW Team Finance

#35 Ian Forrest

Team: Private Entry

#37 Nettan Lindgren

Team: BMW Team Sweden

#43 Godfrey Hall

Team: John Maguire Racing

#44 John Llewellyn

Team: BRR Motorsport