Group A Touring Car Replicas

Replicas of classic Group A era Touring cars, mostly BMW M3 at this stage although it does feature some Nissans and Toyotas. 


Project Group A

A set of liveries taking classic Group A era liveries onto their modern counterparts. 

I am still working on a an organised index for these cars.

In the meantime you can view them via the tag


Rally and Rallycross Cars

Mixture of fantasy liveries, real world liveries and liveries inspired by historic rally cars replicated onto their modern day counterparts. 

Cars are built on a mixture of the in game Group B cars and some on the N class road cars.

*Warning will eventually contain even more M3s.

Audi TT Cup Liveries

Liveries based on the cars used in the 2017 Audi TT Cup. 

2015 liveries are still work in progress and will be added in future.

Richard Petty Ford Mustang King Petty Edition Liveries

Road Cars

Liveries inspired by real world tuning company modified road cars or factory specials.

Index still in progress.

1972 NART Ferrari Stingray Livery

Other Race Inspired Liveries

All other liveries which are either fantasy or based on real world race cars. 

Cars built on a mixture of in game race cars and N class cars.

Index still in progress.