Gran Turismo 7 livery based on the Marc Soulet 1987 Belgian National Championship Ford Sierra Cosworth used alongside his Porsche 911 to win the championship that year.

In game the car style has 16″ wheels to match the sizes used at the time and the single diagonal bar cage used in the Soulet car, as well as being switched to the single standard Cosworth spoiler rather than the twin RS500 setup as the RS500 was not homologated for use in rallying.


GT7 Gallery Link

Marc Soulet Belgium 1987

Installation Instructions

Web: Following the link above, click on the “Add to Collection” button on the Gran Turismo site. You can then add the livery to the car once you are in the game.

In Game: View my gallery under my username double213 and browse to car styles, select the livery there and then select the “Collection” button.


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