Chiel Bos 1991 Zuiderzee Rally Lancia Delta livery for Gran Turismo 7.

Based on the Lancia Delta Integrale 16v driven by Chiel Bos to win the Netherlands championship. The Zuiderzee Rally was his only outright win in the car, however, Chiel was first of the championship regulars in 4 other rounds to win the championship beating Erwin Doctor by 3 points.

The car is styled without the rear spoiler to reflect the original car more accurately.

I had to make some minor changes to the livery on the rear of the car due to the Gran Turismo model having a different tailgate, bumper and number plate setting to that of the original car used by Chiel Bos.

GT7 Gallery Link

#04 Chiel Bos

Installation Instructions

Web: Following the link above, click on the “Add to Collection” button on the Gran Turismo site. You can then add the livery to the car once you are in the game.

In Game: View my gallery under my username double213 and browse to car styles, select the livery there and then select the “Collection” button.


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